Thai Food

When eating Thailand food you will use fork and spoon. A standard Thai meal usually consists of a soup, a curry dish with condiments, a dip with accompanying fish and vegetables.  Most dishes are served in bite-sized slices or chunks, so you do not need a knife. Thailand cuisine combines five main flavors in nearly each dish – hot (spicy), sour, sweet, salty and bitter (bitter not always).

Rice is the main food in Thailand. Thais have eaten it since they were born. What goes with rice? Hot and spicy. That is what Thai food is famous for.

What can you taste in Thailand? For example: Chicken curry (Gaeng Gari Gai), Ginger chicken (Phat Gai King),  Pork spring rolls, Green curry with pork (Gaeng Keow Waan Muu), Ginger prawns, or Sesame-crusted chicken strips with sweet and sour lemon dipping sauce. We frequently enjoyed quite simple dish – fried rice (Khao pad) with shrimps. If you want to have a soup, try tom yum soup. It is one of the most popular soups of hot and sour flavors, with fragrant herbs and fish sauce. Noodles are also popular. Try Pad Thai – the famous noodle dish.

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