Thai massage

Thailand massage: originated in India and based on ayurveda and yoga.

The original Thai massage included some energetic elements like having the masseuse walk on the subject’s back. Masseuses these days have pretty much scrapped such practices as being a bit scary. Still the massage is different compared to european style. It is more linked to stretching and acupressure. What is the feeling after massage? Lowered stress levels, relief of tension and stiffness in muscles and joints, and improvements in blood circulation and energy levels. We highly recommend to try Thai massage. It is a very pleasant experience.

Our experience: We decided to try the Thai massage in Bangkok and also in Chiang Mai. This is a different type of massage compared to European. You can wear light dress during the massage, in Chiang Mai we even got special clothes similar to kimono. The massage is usually given by a female. At first they make the body relaxed by pressure and current massage, than they make kind of exercise with your body, they put the vertebras and toggles and knuckles on the right place where they fit. Highly recommended. You will feel like reborn.