Eating on the street

Thai street kitchen is opened 24 hours per day

As we were in Thailand, we usually ate in the street and our dinner contained of fried rice with eggs, garlic and shrimps washed by wine-coolers and as a desert we had cold sliced pineapples. I never ate so much pineapple, you could buy it everywhere. Nicely cleaned and sliced, ice-cooling on the paper tray. Wine-cooler  is a low alcoloholic drink. It is a mix of wine and fruit juice, very often carbonated. It is very similar to Spritzer or Tinto de Verano or Sangria (but without chopped fruit pieces).

Thai street food is offered 24 hours a day. And everyone can find something special for his own. Even fried insects. The most favourite meal of my husband were pancakes, thiny, crunchy, filled with bananas or other fruit.  My beloving sortiment are nuts and fruits. Here, in Thailand you can find nuts, usually peanuts with all possible flavours: delicious caramel flavoured coating or honey coating, great cheesy-bacon combination or strong chilly, spiced curry flavour, BBQ, coconut and others. Fruit. I have already mentioned pineapple. The next one are bananas. There are over twenty sorts of bananas growing in Thailand. We tried small and stubby ones on Damnoen Saudak, the floating market. They were very sweet and tasty. You can get them as a fresh fruit, as a part of a meal, dried or fried.  Plenty of fruit sorts as guava, mango, durian, papaya, pomelo, lychee and many others I can not say are sold on the markets within the whole Thailand.

Thanks to Thai cuisine I was able to lose 4 kilograms in 15 days without any special diet campaigne.  As we came back home, I felt as a charged battery. Probably the main reason of my thinnig down was a lack of milky products in Thai meals. I could hardly find cheese in the groceries and if, then for relative high prices.

We did not search and special grocery chains, we were shopping exactly as other tourists did, in the first shop we entered.

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