Khao San

Street that never sleeps – Khao San

We find accommodation near to the Khao San road. This road is a centre of tourists, a street that never sleeps. We choose the Hostel New Joe ( on the Trok Mayom street, which is parallel to the Khao San road. There are many hotels and hostels, mostly with simple character and a bit lower standard as in Europe. This part of the city is named Banglamphu and it is popular among young travellers who want to see a lot with low budget. There is a little hasp on our door and we can double-lock it with our lock that we brought with. Just for sure. The locks hang also on other doors. In the hostel there is a nice restaurant and internet corner. The food is great and prices very favourable. Even after tasting other cuisines in Bangkok we still like this food best.

The Khao San road is full of pubs, bars, shops and small kiosks. You can buy here food for a few baht, clothes and any kind of “guaranteed” brand goods. We eat noodles prepared on a pan and pancakes with banana. Pineapple comes than as a dessert. Pineapple becomes the hit during the whole journey. We do not miss it any day.

The next thing we recommend to try is a Thai massage on Khao San. The best massage we ever had. Big and strong girl did a perfect job.

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